For the love of Libby this is LIBBY ZION. COM
Justice comes in its own time and often not in the courts
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Libby Zion???·????25?

This is Libby Zion.Com a site to keep the story of Libby ongoing.

“To seek justice and fairness while exposing the shadows of medicine”

Only through truth can we transform our world. This site will keep the being of Libby alive for those who loved her and those who will come to love her learning her story. You will all learn to respect the Zion family and its strength of ethical and moral character to fight against all odds.   This site will seek out also new laws to protect patients and protocols to save lives. It will archive the work that has taken place and new studies for the book “FOR THE LOVE OF LIBBY” by researcher in the case Dr. Vikki Hufnagel. 

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